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How do I earn Coins?

You earn Coins just by browsing, inviting friends, and exploring activities under “Earning Options”. The more often you use Fulldive Browser, the more Coins you get!


How much are Coins worth?

You can see their value by looking at what you can exchange them for in the “Redeem” page. For example, 5000 Coins = 50 cents USD gift card; 10000 Coins = $1 USD gift card.


Where can I check my Coins balance?

Just tap your profile, and you will see your Coins balance below your profile picture.


How can I redeem my Coins?

Choices are available on the “Redeem” page. You can exchange your Coins with Amazon gift cards, cryptocurrency, or you can also donate Coins to selected charities, such as Red Cross, UNICEF, WHO, and World Vision.

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