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How can I invite my friends to use Fulldive?

Invite your friends and families by using your referral code. They will receive 2,500 coins right away, and you will earn 2,500 coins once they collect 10,000 coins! You can find your referral code under ‘My Profile’ > ‘Invite Friends’.


How do I search for Friends?

You can search for your friend on ‘My Profile’ > ‘My Circle’, then type in your friend’s name on the search bar in ‘All’ tab. 

Alternatively, you can type your friend’s name on ‘Search' in the navigation bar at the bottom, then click on the “People” icon below to look for your friend’s name in the list of users.


How do I interact with my circle of friends on Fulldive Browser? 

You can interact with your family and friends by commenting or tagging them on any webpage right within the app. When you leave reactions on webpages, your Friends will be able to see them and vice versa.

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