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What are Feed Tabs?

Feed Tabs are feeds which have been added to your Homepage. They are located at the top of the Homepage screen, arranged horizontally such that you will not need to re-open these websites every time, but can simply swipe left to access them! Therefore, these are different from the regular browsing tabs. In the example below, the Feed Tabs available are ‘For You’, ‘Instagram’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Facebook’, and so on.














Feed Tabs are entirely customizable. You can add or edit your Feed Tabs as you wish, using the menu on the Homepage’s top right corner. To customize your Homepage, choose from our list of Feed Tabs, or add one of your own! We provide a selection of popular Feed Tabs including Platforms & Widgets such as those below.
















































What is the ‘Discuss’ Feed Tab?

‘Discuss’ is an automated Feed Tab consisting of the web pages with the highest amount of social interactions; most number of comments, upvotes or downvotes, as well as reactions. Therefore, these are the trending articles or web pages where you can join in on the discussions with fellow Fulldivers.

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