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What is Fulldive?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

By Fulldive on July 10, 2019

Fulldive browser on mobile app

Let’s talk about the future. I mean the future in general. How will things change? How will people’s everyday habits change? Well, there is no specific answer for medicine, for example, or the government… The only thing we are certain about is technology, mobile technology. As you may see, people are working with more information from year to year. They collect all this information on their gadgets, their computers, and in clouds. And, of course, we all have a need to collect past, present or even future memories of our life: hundreds or thousands of files like photos, videos, ideas… There’s so many ways of keeping and sharing all this data, and there’s so much information you are supposed to handle.

Talking about mobile technology, there are lots of companies as well as people with great ideas that make life easier. One idea = one company = one mobile application. So returning to our article’s beginning, the closest future of mobile usage holds tons of applications and tons of options people need to choose from! This all leads to just one specific wish from the customers: to optimize.

compilation of mobile apps icon

Right now, people have an average of 100 applications installed (some have 200–500+, depending on their device memory), but looking at usage, it was discovered that an average of only 30 apps is used per month, while only 10 apps are used per day (and this actually was 2 years ago!) [1]. The big number of applications leads to a very obvious issue — people feel uncomfortable with having lots of unnecessary apps (as soon as they understand that), and as research by “TheManifest” showed: a full quarter of respondents (25%) deleted an app simply because their phone’s storage space was full and they needed room [2].

So, what’s the far future of mobile apps? Some say that in the next three to seven years, most mobile apps are expected to disappear [3]. Well, we at Fulldive wouldn’t be so cruel in our statements, but we think that the far future is in super applications that will meet all the needs of society. These superapps will have all existing apps integrated into them: once you launch the app, you choose what to use in 2 clicks. 


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