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How To Stay Truly Connected With Your Friends Being Online

By Fulldive on June 9, 2018

Fulldive all-in-one social browser

Social media has become a major part of our everyday lives. However, it also has become a place where being connected means being disconnected from what truly matters.

This is a new normal.

Each year we increasingly spend more time with a phone in our hands. We consume excess information, becoming addicted to updates from people we don’t know. We get too easily distracted by irrelevant media, further detaching from our personal lives. As a result, we lose our sense of connection with friends and become socially overwhelmed.

There’s no wonder why social media majorly affects our lives, for the better and for the worse. Some people say it’s the lifestyle we are inevitably bound to have — the future — while others give it up altogether.

Both sides have reasonable arguments — but is there a better way to escape social media chaos while still staying in touch with people who matter to us? Can there be a happy balance?

At Fulldive, we decided to change the current state of internet browsing and let youcontrol your internet life. We decided to make the Internet social — as it was meant to be — so that you won’t need to sacrifice any part of both your social and real life. So that you can always be updated, browse any content you wish, and enrich your reality.

“We built Fulldive — a new form of online interaction. A transformation in the way that people make decisions, perceive trust, and share information with others.”

It’s not a compromise; it’s a solution.

Fulldive social browser mobile app

Fulldive is a social browser that allows you to search for any content, discuss topics with like-minded people, and optimize your social media as you want.

Above all, through Fulldive, we aim to help you enhance and sustain friendships so that you can engage in meaningful connections and real interactions online.

Open up to a new way of social browsing. Browse together. Get our Fulldive browser app on Google Play and App Store.


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