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How to Earn Cryptocurrency Using the Fulldive Browser

By simply choosing to see adverts, you can earn revenue in the form of FDC (Fulldive Coins) as you use Fulldive. FDC is Fulldive's currency, and users can earn it by opting to see anonymous and privacy-preserving adverts.

This service is completely voluntary, and the adverts are delivered to users when users are browsing. FDC gained in this manner are stored in a wallet embedded into the browser and can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or gift cards or even donated to charities.

Why Use The Fulldive Browser?

The following are some of the advantages of using the Fulldive browser:

  • Speedier Surfing: When there are no advertising or pop-ups, the website loading time decreases, giving consumers a faster browsing experience.

  • Adblock: Fulldive is ad-free, allowing users to browse without interruption, when you turn on the Adblock

  • Privacy: Fulldive does not collect or store any surfing or personal information, ensuring more privacy.

  • Earn Rewards: You can get coins when you complete quests in exchange for prizes. You can also earn extra rewards by referring people.

  • Secure: Fulldive automatically upgrades HTTP sites to secure HTTPS.

  • 100% Free: The Fulldive browser is completely free.

How to Earn Fulldive Coins?

There are three methods to earn prizes while using the Fulldive browser, all of which you probably already do!

1. Earn FDC by completing quests

After downloading the Fulldive browser, you can begin earning FDC by completing quests and just using the browser. There will be new quests every single day.

2. Earn FDC by using the Fulldive Browser every day.

New users can earn 2500 FDC simply by installing and utilizing the browser. In addition, every day, you may receive a login award of 15-60 FDCs. This is by far the simplest way to earn FDC in the browser.

3. Invite Friends

When you have installed the Fulldive Browser, you’ll get a referral code on your phone. The referral code can be used by your friend who wants to install Fullive Browser. You and your referred friend will get the coins.

How to Withdraw Fulldive Coins

If you want to withdraw FDC, go to the FDC dashboard inside the app. From here, you can exchange FDC for Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum. You can also exchange it for gift cards or donate the coins to charities.


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