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How To Create an App Which Has At Least 3 MVPs Inside?

By Fulldive on July 11, 2019

When we decided to create a VR app and name it the same as a company, we couldn’t even imagine that we would work on a mobile browser which can be perceived as a very odd decision.

We started with developing a platform which allows our users to search for and watch 360 content, share it and leave reactions when suddenly we realized that it could be a great step for improving our users’ experience if we create a browser. A VR browser which will “take your browsing experience to a new level” — that was one of our marketing appeals and… that worked and still works for us — 12M downloads, 500K monthly-active users and still growing.

But that was just the beginning. We decided to develop a mobile browser (“flat version” as we called it). Our journey up to this point has been going through fields of thousands of code lines, coffee cups, and daily scrum meetings. So the result of that work was Fulldive Browser and Fulldive VR Browser. There is a very interesting article we wrote about Fulldive Browser here, on our blog page. In short, we wanted to democratize the internet by allowing users to do everything they want: from content viewing to free discussions everywhere. But what should be said is that we’re creating our own ecosystem consisting of very different “essences” (like browser, VR, new smart messenger and notification apps, widget and even our own online advertising platform). But more on that later.

Let’s return to the title. Fulldive Browser is special. It allows you to: navigate all the existing apps in one screen, to earn rewards just by chatting, browsing, commenting and tagging friends. These activities what makes Fulldive a social browser. All important features people are usually using integrated into one mobile app, which makes it easier to access everything instantly.


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