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Fulldive Browser's Ad Blocker is Set to Block All Advertising

Do you already use Fulldive as your web browser? If it’s a yes, you don't need an ad blocker because Fulldive browser filters all advertising by default! Fulldive is a browser that functions as an ad blocker by default by filtering bothersome advertising, odd followers, unsightly banners, and video commercials on the internet!

What is The Idea Behind The Fulldive Browser?

Fulldive Browser is a browser that aims to protect users’ privacy by giving users the choice to switch off all ads or allow ads that are for protecting data. Fulldive Browser returns control of internet browsing to the user. It removes and filters internet trackers and advertisements from websites, giving users the option to replace them with advertisements from its own network in exchange for rewards in Fulldive Coins.

Fulldive Coins is a utility Coin that can be used as a medium of exchange between advertisers, publishers, and users on a future blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform. The goal is to develop a more sound privacy-centered advertising system in which everyone is rewarded without jeopardizing security and privacy. Fulldive users who agree to see advertisements will be rewarded with Fulldive Coins, which can be handed on to publishers as support for their sites and content.

Users might also exchange their coins for digital charities or gift cards. Fulldive Coins can also be exchanged to other cryptocurrency in the near future.

This private and anonymous third-party ad-replacement system will improve internet security and benefit everyone who uses it. It will also spark an informed and vital conversation about the issue of uncontrolled trackers and ad exchanges, which in the worst-case scenario transmit malware through unwitting publishers.

What is the purpose of the Fulldive Browser ad blocker?

Fulldive servers do not see or keep browsing data — all data remains private, on the users' devices, until the user deletes it. Fulldive will never sell user data to a third party.

What privacy features does the Fulldive Browser provide?

  • Ad blocker

  • Cookie management

  • HTTPS upgradation

  • Script blocks

  • Per-site shield configuration

  • Adblock customization

What security features does the Fulldive Browser provide?

  • Delete browsing history

  • Integrated password manager

  • Auto-fill for forms

  • Limit site access to autoplay media

  • Display a secure or insecure website

All of these characteristics contribute to the Fulldive Browser being not only secure and private, but also extremely fast. Convincing people to sign up for a completely new ad system is one of Fulldive's challenges, but using the fast and secure Fulldive Browser to automatically block advertisements is not!


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